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Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc.



As a non-profit organization, Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc. (FATE) is committed to improving student achievement and experiences for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs in Fairfax County Public Schools. CTE Program Enhancement Grants are sponsored to help educators identify challenges and develop solutions to eliminate those.


Any CTE program teacher of Fairfax County Public Schools is eligible to apply for funding from FATE. Collaboration is encouraged, although applicants may apply individually or as team members. Individual classrooms, an entire school, a region, a group of schools, or even the school division may benefit from proposed projects.

In future years, applications for continuation of current grants will be considered, once the current grant has expired, and the final grant report has been submitted and accepted.

Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc.


The FATE CTE Program Enhancement Grant program is designed to support the broader development of the CTE agenda. Elements of school improvement are incorporated for successful applications and designed to directly impact student productivity.

FATE is interested in funding innovative projects and ideas that are cross-curricular, learner-centered, and achieve outcomes effectively and imaginatively. The organization provides support with a ceiling of $9,998 in funding per year for this program.


FATE recognizes that many strategies may be employed to accomplish the goal of closing the achievement gap, ranging from family involvement and staff development to student learning and school-to-business/community partnerships. Preference will be given to program enhancements that maximize the financial reach of the CTE Program Enhancement Grant Program.

Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc.

Application Format & Requirements

  • Applications for SY2024-2025 will open in November.
  • Applications must be completed via the Google Form link.
  • Principals must be made aware of the grant submission. In addition to submitting your application, the grant applicant must be willing to provide a PowerPoint or similar presentation, upon request, to FATE with the understanding that the applicant is willing to allow FATE to use this presentation for publicity purposes at public events at its discretion.
  • As a way of promoting the CTE Program Enhancement Grants program, winning applicants may also be asked to appear at different events or to talk about their program and its success.

Selection Criteria

  • The educational need is clearly defined, including the impact on the school/community.
  • The grant request is to fund projects that are not funded through the school division or local school budgets.
  • The strategy is fully described and a brief action plan is included.
  • There is a clear link between the proposed strategy and how it impacts the educational need.
  • A plan for measuring the anticipated outcomes is included.
  • The budget is cost-efficient and clearly supports the project tasks.
  • Elements of school improvement are incorporated.
  • Plan can be replicated, if successful.
  • Application is free of educational jargon so that non-educators can easily understand.
  • Although FATE would like to fund all submitted applications, there is a limited amount of funds available.
Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc.
Foundation for Applied Technical Education, Inc.

Additional Information

Grant funds are released directly to a school or department, not to an individual(s). The grant remains with the school or department if the applicant(s) leave(s) the school or department after the grant has been awarded. All applications will be reviewed, by the CTE Coordinator, prior to being evaluated by FATE.

Program Enhancement Grant Awards


Falls Church Academy - Fire/EMS, Ambulance

Chantilly Academy - Entrepreneurship, "Purple Express" School Store




Lake Braddock Secondary School - 


Edison High School -
Army JROTC CPR and First Aid Program

South Lakes High School Business and Information Technology, Seahawk Cyber Patrol After School Program focusing on Cyber Security 


Robinson Secondary - Technology and Engineering Education

Chantilly Academy -  Health and Medical Sciences

Fairfax High School - Marketing


Robinson Secondary - Technology and Engineering Education


Chantilly High School - Marketing

South Lakes High School - Business and Information Technology